Let’s all be honest for a second. Before 2020, not everything in our world was always “ok.” Moving past this, not everything “will be” ok. But, like the band OK GO told us, This Too Shall Pass. Will things be different? Of course. Possibly, a whole lot different. But, we have the unique opportunity to choose right now what we do with this time.

So, how is Switch handling things in a global pandemic? We are fortunate and aware of our very unique position (and that things can change quickly). Our whole team has huddled together. We are united, and we are (cracking knuckles, rolling up sleeves, masks and boots on) cranking away. Why? How?  

We decided to look no further than our own company’s name, Switch. Let’s dust off the ole’ Webster’s Dictionary definition:
Switch: (Verb) To change the direction, position, or focus of.

So, just how are we Switch-ing things up?  Read on for our working answer:

Our Role: Where does your brand go from here? We can help. 

Realizing there likely will be no “back to normal,” we want to help businesses and organizations facilitate their next steps. 

Our role in branding is to tell your story through strategy, messaging, and design. How will your business, industry, and target audiences be affected in the wake of this unprecedented time? Are you planning effectively?

We've developed an adapted post-pandemic brand strategy worksheet to help you evaluate your current status. You can download it here.

Upon completion, if you feel it would be helpful, we'll set up a (free) phone or video assessment to go over your answers and discuss what a brand communications plan might look like in your new normal. No obligations. No expectations. We hope to offer some insight and support person-to-person (from the comfort of your own home office).

Our Position: Flexibility is key.

We are nimble problem solvers in the best of times, and passionate brand crusaders in even the worst of times. It should go without saying but deserves to note: Scope, Timelines, Standard Processes, and Fee Structures require flexibility right now.

We’re checking in on all currently active clients and projects to assess how we can help those that are hardest hit. However, if you aren’t currently an active client, we’d love to discuss design / web / messaging / promotional needs you may have or are considering. We can help get your project moving, and offer flexible solutions and payment schedule options.

Our Focus: We're finding the joy.

We all know where to find the pandemic facts, political javelins, and scary stats. It’s out there, and we’re all reading it too. Right now, we’re choosing to focus on the good, because it’s necessary for our own mental sustainability. We get to decide what we focus on, or wash our hands of (well...we always should, but now it’s abundantly more clear):

  • We’re launching Switch Perspectives: An outward-focused newsletter launching this week. Industry insights, high-fives, inspiration, and a change of pace straight to your inbox. You can sign up here.
  • We’re working as a team to offer design and marketing support to the non-profit causes we care about most.
  • We’re watching as much of the Some Good News Network as we can. Because we could all use some feel-good vibes right now.

Our Attitude:
Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.

Thank you Friday Night Lights for this one, but we are serious here. A few months ago we celebrated our 15-year anniversary, and we are going to go ahead and send out a save-the-date for our 30-year anniversary in 2035. We refuse to lose.

Need something urgently?
Reach out to Glen at glen@switch.is or 214 999 9330.

Take care of one another,
Your friends at Switch