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Studio updates, new projects, upcoming events, and other things that float our boat.

Studio updates, new projects,
upcoming events, and other
things that float our boat.

Switch is Hiring a Web Developer

Switch is Hiring a Web Developer

Switch is looking for an experienced web developer with an in-depth knowledge of Craft CMS to add to the creative team. We need someone who takes joy in solving complex problems and is passionate about clean code and efficient workflows.

We can do better.

At Switch, we believe in listening above all else — listening to our clients, to our peers, to one another. We’re not experts, and are far from perfect when it comes to being actively anti-racist, but it feels tone-deaf to not acknowledge what is going on in the world right now.

“Everything will be ok.”

So, how is Switch handling things in a global pandemic? We are fortunate and aware of our very unique position, (and that things can change quickly). We are united, and we are (cracking knuckles, rolling up sleeves, masks, and boots on) cranking away. Read on for more on how Switch is approaching COVID-19

Introducing Garage Brand

Garage Brand is a podcast about great brands and the people behind them. The co-hosts, Glen Collins and Jaime Cawyer are both partners here at the Switch, and having been in the business of branding for over 15 years, they have learned that branding can be a wild space to work in.

Awards / DSVC Show 2019

Hooray! We took home 2 Bronze, 1 Gold and the overall People’s Choice Award at the DSVC Show this year. Our work with Lone Star Beer, The SMU Masters of Design and Innovation program and East Coast printer—Kirkwood all took home some heavy metal.

Spring Food & Beverage Openings

We’ve been busy on the food & beverage front. A few of the projects in that effort came to light in some of our favorite cities this spring. First, The…

Brand Reveal / Oklahoma Christian University

Switch is proud to share the new Oklahoma Christian University brand. Over the past year, Switch has worked alongside the campus of Oklahoma Christian University to completely reimagine their visual…

New Client / Gardner Architects

We’re extremely excited about a new partnership and project we have in the works. In Oklahoma City, if there is something cool happening, it feels like almost every time you…

New Partner / Jaime Cawyer

We’re thrilled to announce that Jaime Cawyer has been named as Switch’s newest Associate Partner. Jaime has been with us for almost 5 years as a Project Manager, and has…

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