Empowering people to end their water crisis in their lifetime.

For 10 years, Water4 has been working to end the water crisis across the world by fighting with commerce and infrastructure. 

With 99% of water aid organizations utilizing a charity-based model, an alternate solution can be hard to explain. Water4's innovative approach of empowering local businesses, more than anything, needed clarity. Through a restructuring of their brand architecture, an influx of clearer messaging, and a complete overhaul of the visual identity, Water4's mission has become more powerful and effective.  

Our Roles

  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity
  • Print

Project Team

  • Scott Hill
  • Justin Childress
  • Jessi Hall
  • Brooke Carter
  • Photography / Judson Copeland

Brand Evolution

The drop icon had been with Water4 since their beginning so in order to retain brand recognition, the decision was made to evolve the mark rather than replace it. The goals were to utilize the same organic nature of the mark while improving its  sfas, clarity and flexibility.

The previous brand motif was anchored by browns, tans and heavy textures. We wanted to portray the goal at hand: clean water. With that in mind, we removed all earth tones from the brand and instituted an energetic color system with enough flexibility to spread across the organization's many facets.

Typography + Visual Language


To offset the organic nature of the redrawn fingerprint-drop icon, Water4 typography is anchored by Replica to provide a reductive and technical balance to the brand.


Knowing that the typographic system would need to work on multiple continents in multiple languages, simplicity was key. For this reason we chose to create the entire Water4 hierarchy, other than body copy, with the Replica family.

Human Touch

For an influx of a human element, hand drawn elements are utilized to the purpose of highlighting, underlining, and generally drawing specific attention to pieces of information.